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Tian Mi Mi, 2021-22. Inkjet print, 10 parts. Each 12 × 16 cm

Tian Mi Mi is an endeavor to recreate a frame of the music video of Tian Mi Mi (or Sweet as Honey), a 1979 Chinese song by Teresa Teng. In that frame, according to Yang's memory, Teresa, in a long, white dress, sits on the rear seat of a bicycle or tricycle, slightly turning around with a light, enigmatic smile. Yang first saw the video in his childhood while going through his mother’s album collection. Years later, when that specific frame suddenly was recalled, he could not find that video again. He shot a 26-minute video and watched it frame by frame, intending to pick out a single image that was identical to the one in mind. The attempt, however, turned out only to be a failure. The memory image is not as specific as a real image that can be claimed every detail of. 

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